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Temperature Regulators

Temperature Regulators

Accurate temperature control is important for accurate QCM-D measurements. For optimal results of measurements at temperatures different from room temperature, pre-heating or pre-cooling of samples may be required. Q-Sense can recommend the best temperature regulator for your application.



Sample heater

When taking measurements at elevated temperatures, Q-Sense recommends pre-heating of samples for optimal measurement stability. Grant QBD1 is a high precision dry block heating system with digital temperature control and a single removable/interchangeable block that enables efficient pre-heating of samples.

More information can be found here.

Water bath

The F12-MA Refrigerator/Heating Circulator from Julabo can be used to heat and cool the Q-Sense Omega Auto sample tray as well as supporting applications run directly in the bath.

More information can be found here

Hot plate

A hot plate will be needed for measurements at elevated temperatures with the E-series. We offer a hotplate suitable for the E4 chamber as well as for the QHTC.